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The Monitoring, Information and Archive System
for Technical IP Rights

With EIDOweb you monitor regularly and automatically all technical IP rights (patents,
patent applications, utility models) at your choice, including those of your competitors.
A customized in-house database and the EIDOweb applications support you.

How EIDOweb Works
EIDOweb runs your created profiles fully automatically via DEPATISnet. The results are downloaded and automatically completed with the existing information from the USPTO, esp@cenet, JPO (Japan), DEPATISnet, DPMApublikationen, and SIPO (P.R. China) databases. Finally, the documents and information are stored in an Oracle-based database.

What EIDOweb Captures
EIDOweb captures the complete bibliographical data with the full texts of the summary, specification, description, and claims, and stores them in the respective data fields. Thus, a full-text-search is possible at any time you want! In addition, the full text (PDF) and the specific drawing are stored.

EIDOweb Manages your IP Documents
Administer and manage all IP documents including your correspondence of your (paper) archive with EIDOweb. If required, download documents which are not part of your profile (e.g. prior art, own further searches, etc.) and integrate them in your archive. There are no extra download costs for the IP documents, only the usual Internet fee!

EIDOweb Notifies You about Newly Published IP Documents
The profiles run automatically and periodically. You or other users in the patent/ specialist/ operating department are automatically informed about new published IP documents by email. The email contains a link to the respective Intranet page with the result list. Analyze the results and decide whether to print the full text of the document or to send it via email. If useful, write an assessment for each found document.

The database can be personalized by user accounts. The number of users per data set is unlimited!
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EIDOweb Tracks to Whom an IP Document Was Sent
The addressee has to receipt the email. The EIDOweb database registers who searches for or rates a document.

EIDOweb Users
Every staff member who has access to the Intranet can use EIDOweb for his/her search.

Components of EIDOweb
· Software EIDOweb
· Module EIDOpat third-party-patents
· Software PATmonitor PRO ®
· Monitoring tool
· Intranet tool
· ORACLE database (separate license fees are payable)

Required Infrastructure
EIDOweb including the database is hosted at your office(s). Therefore you need to have:
· ORACLE database server with EIDOpat third-party-patents
  (Unix, Linux, Windows 2000/NT/XP)
· Computer for continuous monitoring
  (Windows 2000/NT/XP, e.g., the server)

Annual License Fees
The annual EIDOweb license fees start at 5,000 Euro depending on the number of licenses and the effort on customizing.
The license fees are independent from the number of searches, downloads, or data entries and include free updates.
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EIDOweb eMail

For detailed information, presentations and trial versions please eMail to